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Meet our Founder

Kathy Fang is a chef, restaurant owner, and TV Personality. When she became a mother to daughter Ava, she drew upon her culinary expertise to guarantee she was feeding her baby the best. Encountering a lack of healthy “ready-to-eat” baby meals, she set out to create her own. Kathy was raised on homemade baby meals created by her father and mother, who are both chefs, and whose creations were all nutrient-dense, a legacy from generations of family recipes. In turn, Kathy developed  a healthy and adventurous attitude towards food.

Research shows that what you feed your baby once they start solids is not just a requisite for basic health and growth, but also a component of holistic mental development through the stimulation and evolution of their taste buds.

When Kathy looked at the instant baby food options available on shelves, she encountered options that mostly relied heavily on fruit. Unbalanced diets - notably those that feature high amounts of sugar without substantive protein - can shape a child’s lifelong eating habits and physical health.

It can be exhausting as a parent, who now not only has to worry about whether their babies are getting the proper nutrition but also whether they are building the proper foundation for their babies to grow into healthy eaters. For most parents, there just isn’t enough time to do it all and to do it right. Bon Petit provides modern day parents a solution to feeding their babies thoughtfully made, healthful, nutritionally rich, balanced meals: without forfeiting convenience. Time is the most valuable thing we have: we’re doing our part at Bon Petit so you can do more.

Come follow us on our journey as we try to create a better future for our growing families. 


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