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1. Fresh Small Batch Baby Food Prepared To Order - Unlike other products that go through many transits and sit on shelves for an extended period of time. Our products are made upon order. You order, we cook, package and ship. 

2. Pure Organic Ingredients - No additives, preservatives to maintain freshness, color or taste. We use the freeze dry method, which allows us to maintain freshness, taste, and color all naturally (extreme cold temp)

4. High Nutritional Content - Unlike other baby food products that use high heat pasteurization for shelf stability, we use the opposite. Heat kills bacteria but it also kills essential nutrients. Freeze dry methods kills the chance of bacterial growth but  maintains the nutritional value of the ingredients by up to 97%. 

3. No Waste or Spoilage- All our packs can be opened, resealed and used over time without concerns for spoilage. That means you can whip up any portion size for your baby depending on their need, without having to toss away any food. 

4. Closest thing to homemade - Tastes, Smells and Looks like you just took it off the stove. That's because we froze the product right off the stove so you can unlock the freshness yourself.

5. Customization - Make it the way your baby likes it: 

-Baby likes warm purees, add warm liquid.

-Baby likes cold foods, add cold liquid and mix.

-Thick purees her thing? Add less liquid.

-Thin purees are his thing? Add more liquid.

-Baby only eats plain foods? Sprinkle tiny doses of our meals into their meals to slowly introduce vegetables and new flavors.

6. Lightweight and Convenient - These lightweight packs are TSA compliant and can be taken on trips,  placed in diaper bags, purses, and even tucked into your jean front pocket for emergency hunger pangs.